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got2b Anti Cyberbullying

Find out more on how got2b and Ditch The Label are working together to raise awareness of cyber-bullying and empowering people to live #Uncensored lives.

got2b promotes labelless beauty, encourages you to feel free, embrace your unique hairstyles, your individuality and live an #Uncensored life

Check out the inspiring stories and advice from our got2b squad and Ditch The Label founder Liam Hackett.

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The got2b #Uncensored campaign and got2b's commitment to fight cyberbullying is reinforced by the global partnership with Ditch the Label: the digital-first youth organisation supporting young people between 12 and 25 who are affected by cyberbullying and online abuse. It offers safe spaces online such as a cyberbullying support hub and provides valuable educational work and insights.

got2b and Ditch The Label have partnered to open up conversations and raise awareness of cyber bullying. In the long-term we aim to empower those affected by providing tools, resources and guidance.

The partnership kicks off with our Uncensored virtual talks and the release of our digital toolkit available to download on the got2b website, instagram account and Ditch The Label's social channels and website.

Anti Cyberbullying Toolkit

  • Digital anti cyberbullying toolkit

    Top 12 Things To Do If You’Re Experiencing Cyberbullying
  • Digital anti cyberbullying toolkit

    Everything You Need To Know About Cyberbullying
  • Digital anti cyberbullying toolkit

    Things To Do If You Witness Online Abuse

Uncensored Talk Series

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Live Uncensored

We will inspire uncensored self-expression in all shapes and forms. Hair is just the beginning and part of a larger narrative that encourages people to live uncensored lives. Unedited. Real. Possibly obscene. Everyday, out there. got2b Uncensored. Each day, everyday.

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